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Welcome to TUBOTECH

Perspectives for the Sector

TUBOTECH and wire South America in this context

Given the possibilities presented, companies need to create opportunities with lucidity, serenity and intelligence, which are essential factors for drawing up competent strategies.

Exhibiting at these fairs guarantees a real opportunity for the expansion of the sector's businesses in the current economic context, because with low investment and high focus, exhibiting companies will have the possibility to maintain direct contact not only with active clients, but above all with potential, both of Sectors as well as the countless others who visit the event.

The fair will happen at the beginning of the resumption of the Brazilian economy aimed at the fourth quarter of this year, a fact that translates into real business opportunities, information exchange and technical knowledge for the entire productive chain of the sector.

Anyone who appears will be seen and the conditions we prepare for the companies here will enable this necessary market exposure.


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